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Investing in a perfect storm

Even post the financial crisis the shipping industry continues to be battered by its current environment. Overly optimistic assumptions around improvements in tonnage demand and the immense overcapacity in freight continues to challenge the industry on a daily basis.

In previous decades banks have played a dominant role in the ship financing market. Due to the lingering market stress and resulting provisioning requirements, in the banks’ loan portfolios, many banks are looking to withdraw from the business segment completely or to move all or parts of their exposures to institutional investors. At the same time many shipping funds, the main source of equity in previous decades, are at an impasse, thus creating immense additional need for fresh capital in this segment. Due to anticyclical investment tendencies, institutional capital could offer a way out of the capital squeeze. Many of these investors however have neither the necessary technological expertise, nor the specific banking know-how that is needed to properly manage these types of investments. Crystal Ocean offers a unique services package in this environment: Essential expert technological knowledge, financing know-how and the ability to model complex underlying risks by using advanced modeling techniques.


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Crystal Ocean: A unique combination createing new benchmarks

NORD/LB, OFFEN Group and Caplantic, three highly specialised market participants and leaders in their respective fields, have joined forces to set new standards in the restructuring of shipping loans and the related optimisation of the ship management. Crystal Ocean systematically interlocks the skill sets of the three participants to offer a unique service package that includes all stages of the value chain. We are offering a tailor made service combining specialised technological know-how and decades of experience in ship financing with customised financial modelling approaches. Our aim is to optimise cash flows, whether in the restructuring and work-out processes or in the individual technological optimisation of a vessel.

Crystal Ocean combines...

40 years of experience in shipping and one of the world’s leading managers of container vessels, bulk carriers and product tankers.*

Fleet 110 Vessels

* OFFEN Group

… combined with extensive experience in risk management and risk modelling of alternative asset equity and debt portfolios

Loan portfolios under risk management > EUR 15bn*
Single loans under risk management > 9,500*

* CAPLANTIC GmbH (As of: 31.01.2016)

… combined with Finance Know How

Over the course of more than 45 years NORD/LB has established its ship financing sector as one of its key strategic business segments. Due to the ongoing exposure to the maritime economy, throughout several cycles, the NORD/LB has evolved into one of the world’s leading providers of ship financing.

World’s leading providers of ship
Exposure at Default: 18,4bn


Our Services


Even the tallest towers start with the foundation

  • Data Mining
  • Due Diligence
  • Portfolio segmentation
  • Structuring / Modelling / Valuation
  • Advisory on external coordination processes

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Value enhancement of the assets through a unique combination of complementary expert knowledge

  • Support of the Restructuring Process
  • OPEX Optimastio
  • Manage the Manager (optimising the shipping operation)
  • Ongoing Valuation
  • Project Management
  • Reporting / Portfolio Modeling

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Support and advisory services for the entire sales process of single assets as well as whole portfolios

  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Placement

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