Ongoing Management


Crystal Ocean creates ongoing value for its customers through a unique process of combining the asset, investor and balance sheet perspectives.

Crystal Ocean provides various services and management forms for both single and portfolio assets. Depending on the client involved (investor or bank) and financial structure being used (equity or debt), Crystal Ocean will develop an individual management and servicing concept to best suit the needs of each individual client.

The goal is to maximise the value of an asset during the term of the portfolio, to response quickly to changes in the market, to achieve the best possible bargaining results with third parties and to provide customers with ongoing professional and compact reporting regarding the performance of their investments or exposures.

  • Ongoing management includes the following services:
  • Guidance on restructuring processes
  • Development and continued monitoring of cash flow models
  • Technical management
  • Ongoing valuation of assets
  • Project management/ arrangement with third parties
  • Reporting/ portfolio modelling


Guidance on restructuring processes

Individual concepts are developed, together with the client, to sustainably add value and meet the clients’ targets for both single assets, as well as for individual portfolios. The following examples are certain startegies that can be used for such circumstances:


OPEX Optimisation

An efficient and ongoing monitoring of all costs related to the operation of the vessel and the ship-owning entity can be ensured if the relevant reports are provided by the clients in a standardised format, as supplied by Crystal Ocean. Bench marking on a quarterly basis allows Crystal Ocean to identify points of weakness, including the best possible ways of improving each identified weakness. For the best possible results it is optimal to be able to gain a direct insight into the operating structure of the individual ship manager.


Manage the Manager

The Manage the Manager (MTM) concept allows for an active control and improvement of the operating efficiency by way of regular overview of the ship managers. This concept is most beneficial by single ship manager with less professional operating processes or in the case of large diviations in the results of the OPEX benchmarking.

In this scenario a team from Crystal Ocean would actively advise the respective ship manager on aspects for the continuous improvement of their daily operations.


Ongoing management / Project management

The ongoing valuation of assets is important for both investors in their ongoing valuation of the shipping portfolio, as well as to monitor the value of the single assets for any potential exit possibilities. For certain clients, such as bank, an ongoing valuation of their shipping exposure is expected under regulatory reporting requirements.

Crystal Ocean can create valuations using varying valuation methods, as required by the individual investors.

Both Banks and Investors require, for varying forms of investment participation, a functioning and efficient risk management process. The aim is to quickly identify potential problem assets, to check individual asset strategies and to alert the investors or Bank early enough to establish an effective way forward.


Reporting / Portfolio Modeling

To help both Banks and Investors to monitor outsourced services, Crystal Ocean can provide a professional and tailor made reporting and modelling service. Reporting can be created for both single, as well as for portfolios assets. From the qualitative and quantiative performance monitoring ofsingle assets and/or portfolios, right through to stochastic modelling for larger portfolios, Crystal Ocean can modify the reporting requirements for the needs of each individual client.