Efficient and detailed accumulation of the necessary data, as a basis for making well informed decisions.

The workload at the start of a transaction is very extensive and begins with the collection, plausability and concentration of data („Data Mining“). An efficient and detailed analysis of a portfolio is the foundation for the segmentation of the portfolio and the following workout planning.


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Data Mining

The primary aim of Data Mining is the generation of a clear and standardised base of information to allow for the initial structuring of the transaction as well as for the communication with investors (Due Diligence, term sheet, negotiations).

Due Diligence

After the validation of the required data universe, as established inside the Data Mining framework, the assets will be evaluated under economic, legal and technical aspects in a standardised Due Diligence procedure.

Portfolio segmentation

Segmentation of the portfolio is undertaken from the basis of the due diligence results. This enables for a variate of actions to be assessed on the basis of varying portfolio segments or single assets, including the best possible next steps to be undertaken.

Structuring / Modeling / Valuation

The structuring of the transaction is undertaken to gain the best possible results for the client, which includes taking into account wider considerations of the transaction, including portfolio influences (e.g. modelling, selection etc.), legal aspects as well as the requirements of third parties (inter alia the regulator, auditors etc.), banks and potential investors.



Asset appreciations is achieved through short response times and strong expertise in negotiation

The aim of the ongoing management is to increase the value of the assets throughout the term of the portfolio. Therefore fast and value preservating actions, in a changing market environment, as well as expert negotiations with third parties are crucial and can only be achieved through an ongoing professionel, compact and informative reporting of the assets.


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Supporting the restructuring process

To achieve sustainable value enhancement we develop concepts for and together with our clients and in line with the individual strategy of the customer on a single asset or portfolio basis.

OPEX optimisation

A detailed historical OPEX analysis helps to set up a cataloge of measures to increase cost efficiency. A general benchmarking with an associated quantil analysis delivers an overview of the status quo and identifies potential points of improvement.

Manage the manager

Manage the Manager enables active control and improvement of the operating efficiency, due to an ongoing periodic inspections.

Ongoing asset valuation / Project management

The ongoing asset valuation is needed to value the portfolio for investors as well as it provides a basis for selling decisions. Depending on the investors regulatory requirements an ongoing valuation can be mandatory.

In every form of direct or indirect investment on assets and portfolios, a well working and fast reacting risk management is essential for banks and investors. Here the main goal is to recognize anomalies of individual assets early, evaluate control measures, inform the lenders or investors and develop a plan for the next steps together with the customer.

Reporting / Portfolio Modeling

To control processes outsourced to Crystal Ocean a customised and professional reporting is of great relevance for banks and investors. Reportings can be made up on a single asset or a portfolio level basis.



Support of the entire sales process

Crystal Ocean supports the entire sales process for customers on a single asset and portfolio basis and assumes the placement agent function, as well as finding a buyer for the shipping assets.


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Vendor Due Diligence

Crystal Ocean supports the entire sales process for customers on both individual and portfolio assets. In particular a due diligence process including valuation, a cash flow forecast, a market outlook, the description of the sales process and the development of a project time schedule belong the services provided.


Crystal Ocean can undertake the placement of participations or the search for a potential investor for single assets or portfolios. Beyond the Placement function Crystal Ocean can undertake the negotiation process and the monitoring to ensure a smooth asset transfer process.